Prices & Policies

Rates: Are per person. Groups of five or more get free bike rental, so bring your friends!

We know you could ride your bike for free, so what we provide is more than the ride. It's coffee and Danish, the ride and the route and the lunch and knowing the best wineries to taste at and the best picnic areas to stop at. It's us taking care of all the details, all the logistics, so you can just enjoy the day without worrying about what will happen if your bike breaks down or your partner can't keep up.

As one of our riders said, "It's like having parents again!" (She meant it in a good way.)

Rental Bikes: Are available for $25 a day. Our bikes are beautiful new Trek 4300s Scenic Byways and Diamondback Responses. They have easy one-touch shifting, front shocks and 24 speeds to help level out the hills. Helmets are included, and required if you're riding your own bike.

Reservations: Are recommended. Cancellations with a seven-day notice get a full refund. (Late cancellations can apply the deposit to a future trip.) Tours are limited to 12 riders. We accept all major credit cards.

Releases: Are required, signed by all riders or a parent of anyone under 18.

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